18 Weird Pregnancy Myths, Revealed!

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Most individuals have heard many pregnancy myths or pregnancy-related recommendations or info, which regularly focuses on what totally different signs imply, find out how to detect the sex of the infant, and what a girl can and can’t do throughout being pregnant.

Though some items of knowledge, notably from healthcare professionals, may be correct and useful, a number of pregnancy myths flow into being pregnant.

Right here, we have a look at some common pregnancy myths and clarify the reality behind them.

Pregnancy Myths And Facts:

Pregnancy Myths And Facts

1. Pregnancy Myth: Teen being pregnant is on the rise

An individual can converse to a healthcare skilled about what to anticipate throughout being pregnant. In actuality, the speed of youth pregnancies in America is slowly lowering

Analysis suggests that this decline is primarily because of the elevated use of contraceptives.

In response to the Center for Disease Management and Prevention (CDC), in 2017, the variety of recorded pregnancies for youngsters between 15 and 19 years of age was 194,377. This complete is down 7% from 2016.

2. Pregnancy Myths: Twin pregnancies are uncommon

Twin pregnancies are extra frequent than individuals may suppose.

In response to the CDC, roughly 128,310 twin infants have been born in 2017. Twins account for roughly 33 out of 1,000 births within the U.S.

3. Pregnancy Myths: Heartburn signifies that the infant could have lots of hair

There may be restricted proof to verify whether or not that is true.

A recent 2006 study of 28 individuals discovered that 23 of the individuals who were reported to be experiencing moderate-to-severe heartburn had infants with a mean or above-average quantity of hair.

The researchers urged that this can be on account of being pregnant hormones that have an effect on each hair development and the stress-free of the muscular tissues that separate the esophagus, or meals pipe, from the abdomen.

4. Pregnancy Myths: It’s possible to foretell the sex of the child

pregnancy myths 1 pregnancy myths

Individuals suggest many various methods for predicting the sex of the infant. These vary from utilizing the form of the pregnant girl’s face or stomach to guess the intercourse to see how a marriage ring rotates when the girl suspends it from a string and holds it over the stomach

None of those strategies are correct indicators of a child’s sex.

5. Pregnancy Myths: A lady ought to eat for 2 when pregnant

Whereas it’s true that ladies may have to extend their caloric consumption barely when pregnant, they need to keep away from overeating.

Overeating may be dangerous to each girl and the fetus, particularly if the weight loss plan comprises lots of empty energy.

Ladies ought to aim for a gradual increase in energy all through being pregnant:

  • Second trimester: Consultants advocate a further 340 energy per day.
  • Third trimester: An extra 450 energy per day is adviced.

Ladies ought to usually concentrate on persevering with their common weight loss plan, however, they need to make sure that they’re consuming nutrient-rich meals.

6. Pregnancy Myths: A lady ought to avoid exercising when pregnant

Pregnancy Myths And Facts

pregnancy myths exercise 1 pregnancy myths

Most ladies ought to have interaction in light-to-moderate exercising throughout pregnancy.

A lady who didn’t train often earlier than turning into pregnant ought to discuss to a healthcare skilled earlier than beginning a brand new routine.

In response to one survey of obstetricians, or docs specializing in childbirth, greater than half of the respondents mentioned that they don’t often advocate that ladies begin a brand new routine in the event that they have been sedentary earlier than turning into pregnant.

Nonetheless, 97% of the respondents reported recommending light-to-moderate cardio train 2–5 days per week for girls within the first trimester.

7. Pregnancy Myths: You won’t be able to dye your hair

Fortunately you’re not condemned to 9 months of unhealthy hair days.

Analysis (although restricted) reveals it’s protected to color your hair in being pregnant. You’d want to make use of critically excessive doses of the chemical compounds – way over wanted to color your hair – to trigger hurt.

8. Pregnancy Myths: You won’t be able to fly

Frightened about reserving or booking a babymoon? Worry not.

Revel within the freedom of holidaying with out children whilst you can. Examine the FAQs in your airline’s web site – after week 28, you’ll want a letter out of your midwife to verify your being pregnant is low threat and also you’re in good well being. Guarantee that your journey insurance coverage covers you in being pregnant and take your medical notes away with you.

9. Pregnancy Myths: You’ll have unusual cravings

Pregnancy Myths And Facts

Contrary to common opinion, not all mums-to-be crave pickles or different random meals.

Cravings could be triggered by hormonal adjustments in your physique affecting style and scent. Additionally, sharp dips and peaks in your blood sugar ranges may give you cravings for sugary, consolation meals (cake/ice cream/chocolate).

If you happen to ever crave inedible issues, similar to filth, clay or laundry detergent, get in contact together with your midwife. This is called Pica – and is usually a signal of extreme anaemia.

10. Pregnancy Myths: You’ll not be able to eat sushi

If you happen to love sushi before pregnancy, you may proceed to eat it.

Be certain that it is lengthy because it’s from a supply you belief, and any uncooked fish has been beforehand frozen. Freezing the sushi potentially kills all the parasites that may make you feel irritated. Grocery store sushi is made in a manufacturing unit and may have been frozen beforehand, whereas security rules require outlets and eating places to freeze any uncooked fish they use.

11. Pregnancy Myths: Morning sickness solely happens in the morning

Regardless of its title, morning sickness can have an effect on pregnant girls all through the day. Lower than 2% of pregnant girls expertise morning illness solely within the morning.

Morning illness usually begins by the fourth week and ends by the 16th week.

12. Pregnancy Myths: Consuming certain meals may cause an allergy to develop

Pregnant girls can eat meals that individuals usually affiliate with allergy symptoms, equivalent to nuts and milk, so long as they don’t seem to be allergic to them. The infant is not going to develop an allergy to those meals.

Nonetheless, a girl ought to keep away from some meals, equivalent to uncooked meat, seafood, and sure delicate cheeses, for different well being causes.

A healthcare skilled can present extra info on which meals to keep away from.

Find out about 9 meals to keep away from throughout being pregnant right here.

13. Pregnancy Myths: A lady ought to keep away from sex throughout when pregnant

Intercourse has no impact on an in any other case wholesome being pregnant.

The authors of a review of current analysis concluded that intercourse throughout being pregnant didn’t enhance the danger of preterm labor in low danger pregnancies. Additionally they famous that different potential problems stay unproven.

In uncommon instances, a physician will advocate abstaining from having intercourse throughout being pregnant. As an illustration, if heavy bleeding has occurred through the being pregnant or the water has damaged, a girl ought to keep away from having intercourse.

Ladies who’re experiencing placental issues, cervical insufficiency, or another elements that enhance the possibility of preterm labor ought to verify with a physician earlier than having intercourse.

Study extra about how being pregnant can have an effect on a girl’s intercourse drive.

14. Pregnancy Myths: Keep Away From Cats

Many ladies attempt to keep away from coming into contact with cats throughout being pregnant as a result of they’ve heard that cats may cause an infection.

Cat feces can carry toxoplasmosis, a probably dangerous illness. As a precaution, subsequently, a pregnant girl ought to both put on gloves to vary the litter or have another person do it.

Ladies don’t must keep away from cats throughout being pregnant so long as they comply with this precaution.

15. Pregnancy Myths: A lady can’t drink espresso/coffee while pregnant

Ladies can nonetheless have a cup of espresso every day when pregnant, however, they need to restrict their caffeine consumption to 200 mg or much less. This quantity equates to about 1.5 cups of espresso, the place a cup is eight ounces.

Study extra concerning the well being advantages and dangers of consuming espresso.

16. Pregnancy Myths: A lady will always be happy and glowing when pregnant

Being pregnant may be tough for a lot of girls. Hormones, physique adjustments, and tiredness can take their toll on each bodily and psychological well being, in addition to affecting a girl’s temper.

It’s regular for individuals to not really feel pleased all the time, and pregnant girls are not any totally different.

17. Pregnancy Myths: Vaginal delivery can’t be possible again after a cesarean section (C.S)

In actuality, a girl could possibly have a vaginal start following an earlier cesarean supply.

The choice to provide start by way of a cesarean or vaginal supply is dependent upon how the present being pregnant is progressing, the girl’s labor, and the danger of any potential problems.

18. Pregnancy Myths: Some types of meals and drinks can bring on the onset of labor

Many of the pure and different medicines that individuals advocate to induce labor haven’t any foundation in scientific information.

A 2018 study discovered that some natural medicines could also be efficient.

Nonetheless, the favored pure strategies that individuals use to attempt to induce labor range by way of security:

  • Blue and black cohosh: There may be proof to counsel that these roots could trigger fetal coronary heart failure and stroke, in addition to maternal problems throughout labor.
  • Pineapple: There isn’t a hurt in consuming pineapple, however it could trigger heartburn.
  • Castor oil: This oil could trigger uterine irritation and contractions, however, they’re usually results of diarrhea somewhat than labor.
  • Spicy meals: There isn’t proof that consuming spicy meals will induce labor. They’ll trigger gastrointestinal upset and heartburn, nonetheless.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) don’t regulate natural medicines in the identical method that they assess commonplace medicines. In consequence, individuals ought to focus on their use of a healthcare skilled.

Conclusion: Pregnancy Myths

Many myths encompass being pregnant, a few of which contain incorrect info or recommendation that could be dangerous.

A lady ought to discuss to a physician earlier than making any vital dietary, healthcare, or life-style adjustments throughout being pregnant.

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